AAPA in the Big Easy

Thank you to everyone who stopped by our booth at AAPA this year! The weather was both hot and stormy, but that didn’t stop us from having a good time sharing our projects and educational resources with PAs who are just starting out in the profession, to PAs who are retired.

PAHx booth activity

The highlight of the conference for the Society was Kenneth Ferrell, one of the first three original PAs, who spent time at our booth for a meet and greet with PAs attending the conference. He told us that the younger generation of PAs never fail to make him feel like the profession’s rock star!

Ken 6 Ken 7

PA History Society staff was invited to the Veterans Caucus’s annual Memorial Service, which never fails to be a moving event. We distributed flyers about the PA Veterans Memorial Garden located at the Stead Center before the service.

The Society was presented by with an autographed copy of the first US Army PA Handbook, which will be placed with pride in our archives.


We also conducted our traditional filming of oral history interviews with PA leaders and history makers. We recorded 15 interviews during the conference and we will be editing them and sharing them online shortly!


If you didn’t get a chance to stop by our booth at AAPA, you can still support the PA History Society through our website. We have educational materials available for tax-deductible donations or you can become a “Friend of the Society” (also tax-deductible) and have your name listed on our site! We also have space for additional brick pavers at the PA Memorial Veterans Garden, though space is limited, so act fast!  Get all the PA history facts at:  www.pahx.org


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