Black History Month

First off, if you haven’t read John Davis’s wonderful article about the first Minority Affairs Committee, please do so by clicking here!  John is going to do a series of articles in upcoming PAHx newsletters following the evolution of the Minority Affairs Committee as it became the current African Heritage Caucus.

The PA History Society has numerous other stories about African-Americans who helped change the PA profession and who gave back to the world at large. Please watch/listen to the inspiring oral histories and videos linked below.

Oral Histories:

Joyce Nichols – first female PA and who helped get the MAC off the ground and was the its first chairperson (Audio).

Earl Echard – Founding member of the MAC (Audio).

John Davis – Founding member of the MAC (Video).

Ed Williams – WWII veteran who helped spread the PA concept (Video).

Murl Dotson – One of the few PAs to practice in Mississippi before 2000 and who was instrumental in passing PA legislation in that state (Video).

Howard Straker – A PA educator that was able to combine his passion with advocacy with his chosen profession as a PA (Video).


Karen Bass – The first PA to sit on the US House of Representatives

Joyce Nichols PAragon Awards

Joyce Nichols’s Rural Health Clinic

Peggy Valentine – Co-founder of Project Access


Minority Affairs Committee Meetings

Project Access

Online Exhibits

Profiles in Black – A booklet created by the African Heritage Caucus containing brief biographies of African-American PAs who have become or who are in the process of becoming leaders in the PA profession.

Featured photograph in blog post: Joyce Nichols and Steve Turnipseed at MAC meeting, 1975



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