Service for Victor Germino – PA Pioneer by Dr. Reginald Carter

Vic Germino 1

A memorial service was held for Victor Germino at the Stead Center on Wednesday, March 8th to celebrate his “full and adventurous life.”  Over 100 people attended the service held in the Harvey Estes, Jr. conference center with additional seating provided in the adjacent garden.  The Rev. Charles McKenzie welcomed friends and special guests on behalf of the family and gave the Eulogy.  Mr. Sherwin Joyner provided special music and members of Vic’s immediate family spoke fondly about his dedication to family, friends, patients and his pride in being one of the first physician assistants educated in the United States.  The service ended with a flag ceremony and taps.  A reception was held immediately after the service to allow family to greet those who attended.  Those in attendance from the Duke PA Program included Karen Hills, Lovest Alexander, Justine Strand de Oliveira, Susan Blackwell and Jennifer Pennington.  Vic’s classmate, Ken Ferrell and wife attended as well as Harvey Estes, Jr., the former chair of Community and Family Medicine at Duke University.  Reginald Carter attended on behalf of the PA History Society, John Braun on behalf of Duke Pioneering PAs and Ken Harbert on behalf of PA veterans.

Victor Hugo Germino, Jr. was born June 11, 1938 and died March 1, 2017.  He has the distinction of being one of the first physician assistants (PAs) to be educated in the United States along with Richard Scheele and Kenneth Ferrell, all former US Navy hospital corpsmen.    You can read more about his “full and adventurous life,” at

There is also an oral history of Vic Germino and Ken Ferrell here.

Vic Germino’s Obituary can be found here.

Photographs: Vic Germino and Ken Ferrell look at old 1966 Look Article, More than a Nurse, Less than a Doctor, that featured them (2005). Courtesy of the PA History Society.

Program from Vic Germino’s memorial service, 2017. Courtesy of the Stead Center.


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  1. Alfred M. Sadler Jr. says:

    A true pioneer – I am glad that he lived to see how far the PA profession has come in its 50th year!

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