PA-C Chipper Wallet’s New Home in PA History Society Archives!

The PA History Society is thrilled by the newest addition to our archives: The Jim Scancarelli Collection. The collection includes original drawings from the comic strip Gasoline Alley® featuring PA-C Chipper Wallet. Both Chipper Wallet and Gasoline Alley are © Tribune Content Agency, LLC.


Jim Scancarelli is the current writer of the Gasoline Alley® comic strip. Gasoline Alley® has played a part in Physician Assistant History since 1971. The then artist of Gasoline Alley®, Dick Moores, wrote a storyline featuring the character Chipper Wallet, a former Navy Hospital Corpsman that served in Vietnam, being advised by the local doctor to check out the new physician assistant profession. The comic strip has followed Wallet from his PA student days through becoming a practicing PA and now on the verge of retirement being honored as a pioneering PA.


Chipper Wallet is credited with spreading awareness of the fledgling PA profession to thousands of Gasoline Alley® fans. Many PAs still remember fondly reading about Chipper Wallet’s start in the PA career as his situation closely resembled their own; starting off as a medic in Vietnam, at a loss as to what to do once rejoining civilian life, and then finding their calling in the PA profession.

Chipper Wallet has popped up in Gasoline Alley® every now and then, showing the funny side of being a PA. He came back into the strip to help PAs celebrate the 25th anniversary of the profession and is currently returning in the comic strip to help celebrate the 50th anniversary this year and the dedication of the only PA Veterans Garden in April, 2017.

You can read Chipper’s current adventures in your newspaper or online at

Chipper appeared this summer in this story:

Chipper then helps celebrate the holiday season:


For more information on Gasoline Alley® and Chipper Wallet, PA-C:

Chipper Wallet, PA-C, has his own biography page on our website!

Click the following link to listen to an Oral History by Jerome Bredouw, the man who brought up the PA profession to Gasoline Alley artist, Dick Moores, and helped spread news of the PA profession in his right through an episode of the TV series of The Bold Ones:

PA History Center Exhibit titled: Marketing the PA Concept to the American Public by PA History Society Historian Emeritus, Reginald Carter:

PA History Society video on the part Gasoline Alley played in the PA profession:



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