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The Physician Assistant History Society’s mission is to share the history of the development of the PA profession and illustrate how PAs continue to make a difference in our society. We aspire to bring PA history to life by inspiring the next generation of PAs, patients, and policymakers. Visit our website!

You can learn more about our Board of Trustees and our staff by clicking here.


What does the PA History Society have?

Archives Collection: Our archives have over 60 personal and organizational collections consisting of correspondence and records spanning from the start of the PA profession through the current spread of PAs internationally. Finding Aids for collections can be found here.

Oral History Collection: We have 89 oral history accounts featuring pioneer PAs, PAs that were instrumental in serving underserved communities, PAs that aided in significant events such as 9/11 and the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, and many more. You can browse our oral histories here.

Photograph Collection: Our photograph collection is divided into Still Images and Moving Images/Videos.

Library Collection: We have over 1,700 books, articles, journals, and manuscripts of historic and unique significance to the PA profession. You may browse our collection here.

Museum Collection: The PA History Society has over a hundred artifacts from uniforms donated by veteran PAs, awards, artwork, outdoor statuary, and many artifacts donated by the Dr. Eugene Stead Jr. estate. The majority of this collection resides at the Stead Center in Durham, NC where they feature a PA Veterans Garden and a replica of Dr. Stead’s office. The Museum Collection and other Exhibits can be viewed here.



2 Comments Add yours

  1. Alfred M. Sadler Jr. says:

    Love the blog from the PA History Society😊


  2. I hope that all my PA friends and colleagues will use this blog to share your personal experiences as PAs, to help the Society identify and locate historical documents and other related materials that can be added to the archives, to provide the staff of the Society feedback about biographies that need to be written, areas that need research and documentation, the usefulness of the Society’s website, Facebook and Twitter accounts.
    Reginald Carter, Ph.D., PA
    Historian Emeritus (PAHx Society)


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